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  Gum Turpentine Oil   Pine Oil  
Synthetic Camphor  
Obtained from gum turpentine by a series of chemical reactions


Super Grade  1st Grade  2nd Grade
Appearance  White crystal powder
Moisture  10%(W/V)solution of petroleum oil must be clear and transparent
Nonvolatile Material, max  0.05 % 0.10 %
Alcohol Insoluble Material 0.01%max 0.015%max
Melting Point,  min  170℃  168 ℃  165℃
Content, min  96%  94%

Change in color with H2SO4

Not darker than Mol 1/1000  ----

Packing, storing and transporting.
-wrapped in PVE film bags and packed in cardboard box, 25 kg net each box
-must be kept away from moisture, heat and flame


  Special properties and uses
-dissolves easily in organic solvents, possesses strongly the odor of natural camphor
-widely used in the production of plasticity agent of plastics , additives of celluloid 
- uses in medicine such as central nervous excitant, preservative and a mothproofing agent for clothes, books, etc

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