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Collagen Casing  &  Bamboo Products


Artificial Casing for Sausage

     It's ONLY ONE in China With the animal's collagen as the raw material, the product is edible and safe, are suitable for various kinds of sausage Chinese-style sausage, salami and frankfurter. The quality is very good.
     Wuzhou Protein Casing Factory, is produces annually 60 million metrics of protein casing which has a dozen of specification in two lines with diameters from 17mm to 50mm. Now it's the only factory that produces artificial collagen casing in China. With the animal's collagen as the raw material, the factory's e product is edible and safe. It can be designed and manufactured according to the bore, thickness, texture, strength ( referring to the temperature while filling the casing or baking ) that the customer requires
      There are quite a few packaging specifications, such as sheathing & contracting (shirred), rolling or winding, sectioning, etc 
      Which are suitable or various kinds of sausage: Chinese-style sausage, salami and frankfurter. The sausage made with the factory's casing has many advantages, such as uniform in size, bright and lustrous, well smoked, freely coloured and high in production efficiency and finished product rate.
      Made according to the international standards, the product has reached the international advanced level of its kind and sell well at home , American ,Russia, and East-south Asia. The quality is very good Warmly welcome business people from countries and regions to talk trades with us and to establish good business relations with us. 

Composition of Callagen Casing 
made from cattle-skin

Dia. 20--32mm 36--50mm
Collagen  60---65%  65--70%
Glycerol   12 --15%  10--15%
Cellulose   4--8%   -------
Moisture 15--20%  12--18%
Price: USD/M             Quantity (m/carton)             Volume( cm³ )
Shirred Roll           Shirred    Roll    Shirred       Roll
  20     15m x60pcs x10case




  21     15m x50pcs x10case 9x600m 66x55x28


 22     15m x50pcs x10case 8x600m 66x55x28 30x30x38
 23     15m x45pcs x10case 8x600m 66x55x28 30x30x38
 24     15m x45pcsx10case 8x600m 66x55x28 30x30x38
26     15m x45pcs x10case 7x600m 66x55x28 30x30x38
28     15m x45pcs x10case 7x600m 66x55x28 30x30x38
 30     15m x28pcs x10case 6x500m 66x55x28 30x30x38
 32     15m x28pcs x10case 6x500m 66x55x28 30x30x38
 36     15m x18pcs x10case 5x500m 66x55x28 30x30x38
 40       5x300m   30x30x38
 45       4x300m   30x30x38
 50       4x300m   30x30x38

Natural Tonkin  Canes  (Bamboo)

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Natural Tonkin  Canes  (Bamboo)

Length in cm Diameter (mm)
90x290cm 8-27mm

We can offer the competitive prices for 20 or 40 Foot Containers for Tonkin Cane Bamboo products with the high quality standard. All products origin in Guangxi province, China. All will be inspected by CIQ, we will provide the Certificate of Fumigation.

Natural Tonkin  Canes which are widely used in all Greenhouses,  Grapery, and Nurseries. Its also used in Construction field is equally substantial, Garden, etc.

Bamboo fencing are made in Tonkin bamboo. It is woven on a machine using steel wire in 15 rows. It is delivered in rolls, the size as follows:
Bamboo fencing
L x W cm Diameter (mm)
100x200cm 8-27mm
100x300cm 8-27mm
100x500cm 8-27mm
150x100cm 8-27mm
150x200cm 8-27mm
150x500cm 8-27mm
180x100cm 8-27mm
180x200cm 8-27mm
180x300cm 8-27mm

Use these bamboo fences in outdoor or indoor, as privacy fences or decorative, commercial premises or residential homes. These bamboo fences come in rolled forms, so there are flex and easy to set up in tight spaces.

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