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Titanium Dioxide Antimony Trisulfide Lithopone
Ferric Sulfate Citric Acid Sodium Dichloraisocyanurate

Food Additive  BP80/88, BP90/98, USP22,23. Reg.ISO9002

Products made in the one of the largest manufacturing the serial products of citric acid with a history over 25years, annual production capacity over 25,000 mts
Packing: 25kgs net each in kraft paper woven bag lined with plastic film.   22mt/FCL

Citric Acid Mono

Purity (on dry basis): 99.5% min. Sulfate: 0.03% max.
Oxalate: no turbidness. Calcium salt: no precipitate
Residue on ignition: 0.1% max. Moisture: 1% max
Heavy metals (as Pb): 0.001% max      As: 0.0001% max

Citric Acid Anhy

Sodium Citrate

Assay: 99.5%--101%
Sulfated Ash: 0.1% max
Chloride : 50PPM max
Sulphate: 150PPM max
Oxalate:350PPM max
Iron: 50PPM max
Heavy metals: 10PPM max
Calcium: 200PPM max
Moisture: 1.% max
Purity: 99-101%
Chloride: 0.005% max
Sulphate: 0.03% max
Oxalate: 0.04% max
Fe: 0.001% max
As: 0.0001% max
Heavy metal: 0.0005% max
Appearance: White crystals
Loss of Weight in baking: 11%--13%

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