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Ferric Sulfate

Size Distribution: 90% of ferric Sulfate pass 20mesh sieve. Free Flowing, suitable for Storage with out caking in Closed hopper bins and for free by dry feed machines.

   Chemical Formula       FeSO4.xH2O where x average approximately 3--7

   Content:  98% min

   Water Soluble Fe :  18.5% min

   Water Soluble Fe +3:  1% max

   Water Insoluble Materials:  0.8% max

   Free Acid (H2SO4):  4%max

   Cl: none

   Pb: 20ppm max

   Solubility:    Easily Soluble

   As: 3ppm max

   Cd: 8ppm max
   Conclusion: Ferric Sulfate contain no substances in quantities capable of 
   producing deletrious or injurious effects on the health of those Consuming Water
   treated with ferric sulfate. It suitability use in drinking water treatment

   Appearance: Greyish to green granules.

   Form: Ferric Sulfate shall be in dry form & Fairly Uniform in size.

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