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Tung Oil - China Wood Oil
HS Code: 151590  Cas No.8001-20-5

     One of our superior product.  We have controlling partial interest in three factories in Guangxi province. We can supply fine quality Tung Oil 200mts-300mts monthly.
     Color: Transparent or Slightly turbid, not darker than Gardner No 8.
     Specific gravity (20/4°C) : 0.9360--0.9395
     Refractive Index (20°C) : 1.5170--1.5225
     Iodine Value: 163--173
Saponification value:190--195
     Moisture & Admixture (max) :0.3%
     Free Fatty acid (max) : 4%
     Worstall's Heat test (max): 7.5minutes
     Model Beta tung oil test: Negative (no
     Packing: 190kg/drum. 15.2mts/FCL  
     or 20mts/Flexitank or 22mts/ISO Tank
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