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Gum Rosin -- Colophony
H.S.Code:3806-10-1000  Cas No.8050-09-7 

Obtained from crude pine gum

Wuzhou is the largest production base of Gum Rosin in the world. The quality is the famous also.




slightly yellow pale yellow yellow deep yellow yellow brown yellow red
Correspond to the standard glass color piece of rosin
Appearance  transparent solid

Softening Point (ball & ring)

 76℃ min 75℃  min  74℃ min
Acid No.mgKOH/g 166 min 165  min  164 min
Unsaponifiable Material 5% max
Alcohol Insoluble Material 0.03% max 0.04% max
Ash%, max 0.02 0.03 0.04

Special properties
-natural organic compound
-raw material for making soap, paint, and rubber.
-intermediate for synthetic organic chemicals.
Packing, storing and transporting 
-in galvanized iron drum, 225 kg net each drum.
-must be kept away from heat and flame.
-18mts--21.6mts per 20'container


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