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包装 Packing

The next thing I'd like to bring up for discussion is packing.
We'd like to hear what you say concerning the matter of packing.
You'd like to know something about the packing of the drugs. is that right?
Please make an offer indicating the packing.
Your opinions on packing will be passed on to our manufacturers.
It is necessary to improve the packaging.
We've informed the manufacturer to have them packed as per your instruction.
Packing has a close bearing on sales.
Packing also effects the reputation of our products.
A packing that catches the eye will help us push the sales.
Buyers always pay great attention to packing.
I'm sure the new packing will give your clients satisfaction.
Different articles require different packing.
Generally speaking, buyers bear the charges of packing.
Packing charge is about 3% of the total cost of the goods.
Normally, packing charge is included in the contract price.
The crux of packing lies in protecting the goods from moisture.
The machines must be well protected against dampness, moisture, rust and shock.
We have no objection to the stipulations about the packing and shipping mark.
We can not afford time to change the packing because the ship will sail after two days.
Words and Phrases
pack 包装,装罐
packing 包装
packing charge 包装费用
package 包装(指包、捆、束、箱等);打包
packing clause 包装条款
packaging 包装方法
packing expenses 包装费用

What do you think of the packing for fireworks?
The packings are in good (bad) order.
The packages are intact. The packing is beautiful.
Please pack the goods very carefully.
These marten overcoats are tastefully packed.
I think you'll find the packing beautiful and quite well-done.
Our packing will be on a par with that of the Japanese.
The unique design of the packing will help you promote the sale of drugs.
The packing must be strong enough to withstand rough handling.
We have especially reinforced out pacing in order to minimize the extent of any possible damage to the goods.
These goods didn't sell well merely because of the poor packing.
Words and Phrases
fireworks 礼花
be in good order 完好
be in bad order 破损,(包装)不合格
marten overcoats 貂皮大衣
intact 完整的,未损伤的
tastefully 精美的
well-done 美观,讲究
to be on a par with 与...相媲美
unique 独特的
rough handling 粗率的处理(搬运,装运货物)
to reinforce the packing 加固包装

We agree to use cartons for outer packing.
Could you use cardboard boxes?
It would cost more for you to pack the goods in wooden cases.
The piece goods are to be wrapped in kraft paper, then packed in wooden cases.
The eggs are packed in cartons with beehives lined with shake-proof paper board.
Each pill is put into a small box sealed with wax.
Please make the fruit jar airtight.
We'll pack them two dozen to one carton, gross weight around 25 kilos a carton.
Ten bottles are put into a box and 100 boxes into a carton.
This would discourage people from trying their hand on such packing.
No charge will be allowed for packages.
The case was a substantial one, with sufficient packing used.
I'm afraid the cardboard boxes are not strong enough for ocean transportation.
Such shirts packed in cardboard cartons can save freight cost.
We prefer packing in smaller cases.
We advocate using smaller container to pack the goods.
We use metal angles at each corner of the carton.
Each case is lined with foam plastics in order to protect the goods against press.
The canned goods are to be packed in cartons with double straps.
You must reinforce the packing with metal straps.
The goods are to be packed in strong export cases, securely strapped.
Shirts are to be packed in plastic-lined water-proof cartons.
We use a polythene wrapper for each shirt.
The fountain pen is placed in a satin-covered small box, lined with beautiful silk ribbon.
Words and Phrases
case 箱
carton 纸板箱,纸箱
wooden case 木箱
crate 板条箱
chest 箱
casket 小箱
box 盒子
cask 桶
keg 小桶
wooden cask 木桶
barrel 琵琶桶
drum 圆桶
iron drum 铁桶
to be packed in bag 用袋装
to be packed in paper bag 用纸袋装
gunny bag 麻袋
plastic bag 塑料袋
foam plastic bag 泡沫塑料袋
balse 包件
canvas 帆布
bundle 捆,束
can/tin 罐装,听装
coil 捆,盘装
glass jar 玻璃瓶装
container 集装箱
pallet 托盘
breakage-proof 防破损
shakeproof 防震
leakage-proof 防漏
water-proof 防水
sound-proof 隔音
metal strap 铁箍
kraft paper 牛皮纸
flexible container 集装包
parcel 小包,一批货
packed cargo 包装货
parcel post 包裹邮寄
packet (pkt.) 包裹,封套,袋
single packing 单件包装
collective packing 组合包装
outer packing 大包装,外包装
inner packing 内包装,小包装
substantial 坚固的
ocean transportation 远洋运输
smaller container 小容器
polythene 聚乙烯
the canned goods 罐装货
satin-covered 缎包装的
silk ribbon 绸带

On the outer packing, please mark wording, "Handle with Care".
Every 100 dozen should be packed in a wooden case marked TM and numbered from No. 1 upward.
Please mark the cases(boxes,bags,casks,etc)as per the drawing given.
Please cable packing and marks.
We will mark the packages the same as before.
Words and Phrases
mark 唛头
Indicative Mark 指示性标志
Warning Mark 警告性标志
upward 向上,由下往上
This Side Up 此端向上
Handle With Care 小心轻放
Keep Upright 勿倒置
Use No Hooks 请勿倒挂
Not to be tripped 勿倾倒
Keep in a dry place 在干燥处保管
Keep in a cool place 在冷处保管
Keep away from boilers 远离锅炉
Keep away from heat 请勿受热
Keep away from cold 请勿受冷
Keep Dry 防湿
Explosive 爆炸品
Fragile 易碎品
Inflammable 易燃品
Inflammable Gas 易燃气体
Inflammable Solid 易燃固体
Inflammable Liquid 易燃液体
Dangerous When Wet 遇水燃烧品
Poison 毒剂
Poison Gas 毒气
Spontaneously Combustible 自燃物品
Organic Peroxide 有机氧化物
Oxidizing Agent 氧化剂
Radioactive 放射性物品
Corrosive 腐蚀性物品
Additional Words and Phrases
neutral packing 中性包装
customary packing 习惯包装
cargo in bulk 散装货
nuded cargo 裸装货
shipment packing 运输包装
consumer packing 消费包装
packaging industry 包装工业
pack test 包装试验
package design 包装设计
package engineering 打包工程
package in damaged condition 破损包装
package materials (packing supplies) 包装材料
packing cost 包装成本
"packing extra" 包装费用另计
packing and presentation 包装装潢及外观
packing credit 打包放款,包装信用证
packing letter of credit 包装信用证,红条标信用证
packing list/note/slip 装箱单
packing specification 包装标准化
seller's usual packing 卖方习惯包装
seaworthy packing 适合海运包装

散装 In Bulk 块装 In Block
条装 In Spear 片装 In Slice
捆(扎)装 In Bundle 裸装 In Nude
裸散装 Bare in Loose 木托架立装 Straightly Stand on Wooden Shelf
传统包装 Traditional Packing 中性包装 Neutral Packing
水密Water Tight 气密 Air Tight
不透水包 Water Proof Packing 不透气包 Air Proof Packing
薄膜 Film Membrane 透明纸 Transparent Paper
牛皮纸 Kraft Paper 地沥青牛皮纸Bituminous Kraft Paper
腊纸 Waxpaper 厚板纸 Cardboard Paper

蒲、苇 Bulrush mat 防水纸 Water Proof Paper
保丽龙(泡沫塑料)Poly Foam(SnowBox) 竹条Bamboo Batten
竹篾 Bamboo Skin 狭木条Batten
铜丝 Brass Wire 铁丝 Iron Wire
铁条 Iron Rod 扣箍 Buckle
外捆麻绳Bound with Rope Externally
外裹蒲包,加捆铁皮Bale?Matted Iron-band-strapped Outside
块装外加塑料袋Block Covered with Poly Bag
每件外套一塑料袋 Each Piece Wrapped in a Poly Bag
机器榨包不带包皮Press Packed Bale without Wrapper
机器榨包以铁皮捆扎 Press Packed in Iron Hooped Bale
用牢固的纸箱装运 Packed in Strong Carton
适合于长途海洋运输 Suitable for Long Distance Ocean Transportation
适合出口海运包装 Packed in Seaworthy Carton for Export
全幅卷筒 Full with Rolled on Tube
每卷用素包聚乙烯袋装 Each Roll in Plain Poly Bag
混色混码 With Assorted Colours Sizes
每隔--码烫有边印With Selvedge Stamped Internally at Every--Yards
用…隔开 Portioned with
纸屑 Paper Scrap
纸条 Paper Slip
纸带 Paper Tape
纸层 Paper Wool
泡沫塑料 Foamed Plastics
泡沫橡胶Foamed Rubber
帆布袋内充水 Canvas Bag Filled with Water
包内衬薄纸 Lined with Thin Paper
内衬锡箔袋 Lined with Frescobag
内置充气氧塑料袋 Inner Poly Bag Filled with Oxygen
内衬牛皮纸 Lined with Kraft Paper
内衬防潮纸、牛皮纸 Lined with Moist Proof Paper &Kraft Paper
铝箔包装 In Aluminium Foil Packing
木箱内衬铝箔纸Lined with Aluminium Foil in the Wooden Case
双层布袋外层上浆 Double Cloth Bag with Outer Bag Starched
外置木箱 Covered with Wooded Case
外绕铁皮 Bound with Iron Bands Externally
胶木盖Bakelite Cover
外绕铁丝二道 Bound with Two Bands 0f Metal Wires Outside
标签上标有:Labels Were Marked with
纸箱上标有Cartons Were Marked with
包装合格 Proper Packing
包装完整 Packing Intact
包装完好 Packing Sound
正规出口包装 Regular Packing for Export
表面状况良好 Apparently in Good Order& Condition
包装不妥 Improper Packing
包装不固 Insufficiently Packed
包装不良 Negligent Packing
包装残旧玷污 Packing Stained &Old
箱遭水渍 Cartons Wet &Stained
外包装受水湿 With Outer Packing Wet
包装形状改变 Shape of Packing Distorted
散包 Bales Off
铁皮失落 Iron Straps Off
钉上 Nailed on
尺寸不符 Off Size
袋子撕破 Bags Torn
箱板破 Case Plank Broken
单层牛皮纸袋内衬塑编布包装,25公斤/包 Packed in Single Kraft Paper Bag Laminated with PE Wovenbag 25Kgs Net Eash
三层牛皮纸袋内加一层塑料袋装,25公斤/包 Packed in 3-ply Kraft Paper Bags with PE Liner,25Kgs/bag
牛皮纸袋内压聚乙烯膜包装,25公斤/包 Packed in Kraft Paper Iaminated with Polyethylene Film of 25Kgs Net Each
装入印刷塑料袋 Packed in Printed Poly Bag
玻璃纸包装 Wrapped in Cellophane
两端加纸条 With a Paper Band at Both Ends
木箱装,***以螺栓固定于箱底,箱装完整 Packed in Woodencase,the***was(were)Mounted with Bolts on the Bottom of the Case.Packing Intact.
木箱装,箱装箱装运,箱装完好Packed in Woodencases with Container Shipment.Packing Sound.
Packed in Plastic Woven Flexible Container,Lined with Plastic Film Bags,Shipped in Container,20Bags for Each.
铁桶装,每桶净重190公斤。 Packed in Iron Drums and Each Drum Net 190kgs
Packed in Wooden Case with 2 Reels Inside and Each Reel Was Wrapped with Poly-Membrane and Kraf Paper.It was Bound with Iron Belts Externally.
Packed in Wooden Case with 5 Reels Inside and Every Reel was Wrapped with Poly-Membrane and Neutral Paper.The Cases were Bound with Ironbelts Externally.
筒装,纸箱装,箱外三道纺织袋捆扎,包装完好.Rolled on Tube and Packed with Carton.Bounded with Three Woven Belts Extermally.Packing Sound.
Straightly Stand on Wooden Pallet and Wrapped with Fibre Borad,Plastic Membrane &Kraft Paper
Board Bound with iron Belts Externally and Then Mounted in the Container with Iron Belt.
布包包装,包装完好Packed in Gunny Bales.Packing Sound
塑料纺织袋装,包装完好。Packed in P.P.Wovenbags Packing Sound.
木箱装,箱装完整 Packed in Wooden Case.Packing Intact
纸箱装,箱装完好 Packed in Cartons Packing Sound
托盘纸箱装,箱内衬一层塑料薄膜,包装完好 Packed in Cartons on Pallet and Lined with Single Polymembrane Inside.Packing Sound.
Packed imply Cartons,Lined with Kraft Paper and Bound with Four Plastic Belts Externally.Packing Sound.
原产加厚聚乙烯袋装,每袋净重25公斤,集装箱运 2Skgs Net Originally Manufactured Heavy Duty Polyethylene Bag.Shipped in Container.
托盘装,包装良好。Packed on Pallets,Packing Sound.
卷筒装,包装良好。Rolled on Tubes。Packing Sound.
编织包包装,包装完好. Packed in wovenbales.Packing Sound.
Packed in Wooden Case,for Specification 6.0mm×430mm,except One Case Packed with Three Reels.All were Packed with Eight Reels Respectively;for Specification 6.5mm×300mm, Every Case was Packed with Six Reels.The inner Reels were Wrapped with a Poly-mumbrane and Each Reel was wrapped with a Poly-membrane Again.
Packed in 2 Ply Cartons,Lined with Kraft Paper and Bound with Four Plastic Belts Externally Packing Sound.
麻袋装,包装完好。Packed in Gunny Bales Packing Sound.
Shipped with Container No.*** with Intact Appearance,Clear Number And Sound Sealing.The Goods Were Packed in Cartons and Packing Sound.
木托盘装,外扎四道铁箍,包装完好。Packed on Wooden Pallet Bound with Four Iron Belts Externally and Packing


瓦椤纸箱 Corrugated Carton
旧瓦椤纸箱 Old Corrugated Carton (O.C.C.)
木箱 Wooden Case
板条箱 Crate
木条箱 Wooden Crate
竹条箱 Bamboo Crate
胶合板箱 Plywood Case
三层夹板箱 3--Ply Plywood Case
镀锡铁皮胎木箱Tin Lined Wooden Case
木盒Wooden Box
铁盒Iron Box
塑料透明盒 Plastic Transparency Box
苯乙烯盒 Styrol Box
布袋 Cloth Bag
草袋 Straw Bag
麻袋 Gunny Bag/Jute Bag
旧麻袋 Used Gunny Bag/Old Gunny Bag
新麻袋 New Gunny Bag
尼龙袋 Nylon Bag
聚丙烯袋 Polypropylene Bag
聚乙烯袋 Polythene Bag
塑料袋 Poly Bag
塑料编织袋 Polywoven Bag
纤维袋 Fibre Bag
玻璃纤维袋 Glass Fibre Bag
玻璃纸袋 Callophane Bag
防潮纸袋 Moisture Proof Pager Bag
乳胶袋子Emulsion Bag
三层牛皮纸袋 3?Ply Kraft Paper Bag
锡箔袋 Fresco Bag
特大袋 Jumbo Bag
单层完整袋子Single Sound Bag
桶 Drum
木桶 Wooden Cask
大木桶 Hogshead
小木桶 Keg
粗腰桶(琵琶桶) Barrel
胶木桶 Bakelite Drum
塑料桶 Plastic Drum
铁桶 Iron Drum
镀锌铁桶 Galvanized Iron Drum
镀锌闭口钢桶 Galvanized Mouth Closed Steel Drum
镀锌开口钢桶 Galvanized Mouth Opened Steel Drum
铝桶 Aluminum Drum
麻布包 Gunny Bale (Hessian Cloth Bag)
蒲包 Mat Bale
草包 Straw Bale
紧压包 Press Packed Bale
铝箔包 Aluminium Foil Package
铁机包 Hard-pressed Bale
木机包Half-pressed Bale
陶缸 Earthen Jar
瓷缸 Porcelain Jar
壶 Pot
铅壶 Lead Pot
铜壶Copper Pot
施 Bottle
铝瓶 Aluminum Bottle
陶瓶 Earthen Bottle
瓷瓶 Porcelain bottle
罐 Can
听 Tin
绕线筒 Bobbin
竹笼(篓、篮、筐)Bamboo Basket
柳条筐(笼、篮、筐)Wicker Basket
集装箱 Container
集装包/集装袋 Flexible Container
托盘 Pallet
安瓿 Amp(o)ule(药针支)
双 Pair
打 Dozen
令 Ream
匹 Bolt(Piece)
捆 Bundle
瓣 Braid
度 Degree
辆 Unit(Cart)
套(罩) Casing
包装形状 Shapes of Packing



英 语
汉 语
alternate tiers row pattern 交错码放
AGV 无人搬运车
anchoring 膨胀螺丝
AS/RS (Automatic Storage Retrieval System)




assembly packaging 集合包装
average inventory 平均存货
battery 电瓶
beam 橫撑,横梁
belt conveyor 皮带式输送机(带)
block pattern row pattern 整齐码放
bonded warehouse 国际物流中心保税仓库
brick pattern 砌砖式码放
buffer stock 缓冲储备
cantilever shalving 悬臂架
cargo freight 货物
carrying 搬运
chain conveyor 链条式输送机(带)
charger 充电机
cold chain system 冷冻链系统
common carrier 公共承运人
consolidation 装运整合
container terminal 集装箱中转站
contract carrier 契约承运人
contract logistics 契约物流
counterbalance truck 平衡式电动(柴油、电动、瓦斯)堆高机
cycle inventory 周期存货
delivery 配送
depalletizer 托盘拆垛机
devanning 拆箱
diagonal bracing 斜撑
dock leveller 月台调整板
dock shelter 月台门封(充气式,非充气式)
double-deep pallet racking 双层深式重型物料钢架
drive-in pallet racking 直入式重型物料钢架
dry cargo 干货
dunnage 填充
electronic data interchange 电子资料交换EDI
export processing zone 加工出口区
fill rate 供应比率
floor utilization percentage 地面面积利用率
flow(dynamic) racking 重型流力架
flow(dynamic) rack shelving 轻型(料盒、纸箱)流力架
forklift truck 叉车
four-way reach truck 四向式电动堆高机
frame 支柱组
frame feet 脚底板
frame joint 柱连杆
freight container 货物集装箱
general cargo 一般货物
hand pallet truck 油压拖板车
horizontal bracing 橫撑
industrial door 工业门
industrial vehicle 工业车辆
intermodal transportation 复合一贯运输
lashing 捆扎加固
levelling plate 垫片
LGV 激光引导无人搬运车
load efficient 装载效率
loading and unloading 装卸
logistical utilities 物流效用
logistics 物流
materials handling 物料搬运
mezzanines floor 积层架
mini-load AS/RS 料盒式自动仓库系統
mobile dock leveller 月台桥板
mobile shelving 移动柜
net unit load size 净单元货载尺寸
operation area 理货区
order picking truck 电动拣料车
order picking 指令拣选
order shipped complete 订货完成率
packaged cargo 包装货物
packaging 包装
pallet 托盘,(木质)栈板
pallet container 栈板笼架
pallet pool system 通用托盘系统
pallet racking 传统式重型物料钢架
palletization 托盘化
palletizer 托盘堆垛机
palletizing pattern 托盘装载方式
pick up 货物聚集
picking 拣货,拣选作业
pictorial marking for handling 货运标识
pinwheel pattern 针轮式码放
plan view size 平面尺寸
plastic bin 物料盒
plastic pallet 塑胶栈板
platform 物流容器,站台,月台
physical distribution model 物流标准
powered pallet truck 电动拖板车
powered stacker 自走式电动堆高机
push-back pallet racking 后推式重型物料钢架
rack 货架
rack notice 标示牌
reach truck 前伸式电动堆高机
returnable container 通用容器
roll container 笼车
roller conveyor 滚筒式输送机(带)
safety pin 插销
safety stock 安全储备
scrubber 洗地机
shed 临时周转仓库
shelving 轻量型物料钢架
shuttle car 梭车
slat conveyor 条板式输送机(带)
slotted-angle shelving 角钢架
sorting 分类
special cargo 特殊货物
spot stock 现场储备
stacker crane 自动存取机高架吊车
stacking 堆垛
stockout frequency 缺货频率
storage 存储
support bar 跨梁
surface utilization percentage 表面利用率
sweeper 扫地机
table trolley 物流台车
third part logistics 第三方物流
third party logistics service provider 第三方物流服务商
transit inventory 中转存货
transportation 运输
transportation package size by modular coordination 运输包装系列尺寸
tray conveyor 盘式输送机(带)
truck terminal 卡车货运站
turntable 转盘(变更输送方向)
unit load 单元货载
unit load system 单元货载系统
upright 支柱
upright protctors 护脚
value added network—VAN 加值网络
vanning 装箱
vertical conveyor 垂直输送机
very narrow aisle truck 窄巷道电动堆高机
warehouse 仓库
WCS (Warehouse Control System) 仓储控制系统
WMS (Warehouse Management System) 仓储管理系统


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