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Maleic Acid Resin

Characteristics and applications: 
Maleic acid resin RGM series are produce of esterification of maleic anhydride modified rosin with polyalcohol. Mainly used in polyurethane paint, nitrocellulose, lacguer, amino baking paint, acid cured paint, hot-melt road mark paint and inks. Increase bright gloss, hardness, desirable desiccation, buildiness, and excellent abrasion resistane and yellowing resistance


Item No. Appearance Softening point (R&B ºC)   Gardner Color
(50%toluene solution) 
Acid No. (mgKOH/g)
RGM105  Light yellow flaky solid 105±3 <4 ≤30
RGM105W Light yellow flaky solid 105±3 <1 ≤30
RGM120W Light yellow flaky solid 120±3 <1 ≤30
RGM128 Light yellow flaky solid 128±3 <6 ≤30
RGM128W Light yellow flaky solid 128±3 <2 ≤30
RGM135  Light yellow flaky solid 135±3 <6 ≤30
RGM135W 135±3 <2 ≤30

Packing: 25 kg net in kraft paper bag

Storage and transportation.
Kept airtightly in light-proof, dry and cool place. Not co-stored and mix-carried with spontaneous articles, strong oxidizer, strong acid. Only handled according to the stipulations of inflammables

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