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Modified Rosin Resin  (Alcohol Soluble)

Characteristics and applications:
RA resin series are made from modified rosin with special process. Provide excellent dissolvability in low carbon alcohol, light color aging resistance and light resistance. Widely used in alcohol soluble and water soluble precoated adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive, plastic printing ink and electronic flux.


 Item No. Appearance Softening point (R&B ºC)   Gardner Color
Acid No. (mgKOH/g)
RA90 Light yellow flaky solid ≥90 <5  ≥180
RA90W  Light yellow flaky solid ≥90 <3 ≥180
RA100  Light yellow flaky solid ≥100 <5 ≥190
RA100W  Light yellow flaky solid ≥100 <3 ≥190
RA120  Light yellow flaky solid ≥120 <5 ≥210
RA120W  Light yellow flaky solid ≥120 <3 ≥210
RA140 Light yellow flaky solid ≥140 <10 ≥145
RA140W Light yellow flaky solid ≥140 <4 ≥145
RA160  Light yellow flaky solid ≥10 <10 ≥145
RA160W Light yellow flaky solid ≥160 <4 ≥145

Packing: 25 kg net in kraft paper bag

Storage and transportation:
Kept airtightly in light-proof, dry and cool place. Not co-stored and mix-carried with spontaneous articles, strong oxidizer, strong acid .Only handled according to the stipulations of inflammables.

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