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Titanium dioxide

Our manufacturer is Cangwu Shunfeng Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd. That is the 4th largest manufacturer of titanium dioxide b101 in China, can supply 20000mts per year, passed ISO1-2000 International Quality Authertication System , the Cert. of quality is issued by CIQ,  is a important base of export of titanium dioxide in China. Titanium dioxide Anatase grade BA0101-- is widely used for paint, plastic, rubber, painting ink, chemical fibre and paper-manufacture. As the qualities are up to the national standard, we have got the goods export licence of the country. The products are well sold all over the country, even sold far to the USA, South-east Asia and West Europe, and enjoy high reputation among the broad consumers. 

Packing in plastic lined new plastic woven bags of 25kgs net each.  or 1000kgs/Jumbo Bag. or Packaging in composite, paper bag outside, PE lining inside. 25kgs net each.  ( 17.5mts--23mts per container )

Anatase general grade.  B101

 Description: white powder. 94'min
 TiO2: 98%min.
 Tinting strength (Compared with standard sample):100% min
 Oil absorption: 30%max
  pH of aqueous suspension: 6.5-8.0
 Water soluble matter: 0.5% max
 Volatile matter at 105'C:  0.5% max
 Fineness (Residue on 45um sieve ): 0.1% max
 Color (compared with standard sample): not below

Anatase enamel grade
 Description: white powder.
 TiO2: 98%min 
 SiO2: 0.3%max
 Fe2O3: 0.05%max
 SO3: 0.15%max
 P2O5: 0.3% max 
 Fineness: Passing through No. 325mesh (Dia.0.033mm) with residue under 0.3%

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