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Other Chemicals

Titanium Dioxide Antimony Trisulfide Lithopone
Ferric Sulfate Citric Acid Sodium Dichloraisocyanurate




Super Grade Grade 1 Qualified Grade
 Total of Zinc and BaS04 (asZnS)    99% m/m    min
 Total Zinc  (as ZnS)   28 % m/m   min
 ZnO   m/m  max  0.6%  0.8%  1%
 Volatile  matters  at  105<C      m/m  max  0.3%   0.3%   0.5% 
 Soluble matters  in water    m/m  max  0.4%  0.5%  0.5%
 Screen residues 63µm mesh m/m  max  0.1%  0.1  0.1%
 Color (Compare with standard spcimen)   Superior  Similar  Little low
 Alkalinity of water extracting  Neutral
 Oil absorpting           14g/100g  min

 Color Killing Compare with standard

 105% min 100% min  95% min
 Hiding power (ratio)  No below to 5%of standard sample (Absolut difference)



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